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Dryer Vent Cleaning


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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Near You!

Is your dryer taking longer than normal to dry your laundry? Is it running extra hot, or your clothes aren't drying properly? Your probably have a clogged dryer vent!

But don't worry, we have you covered! Our trained technician will clean the dryer vent, removing the clog and allowing your dryer to run properly and safely again!

Did you know that a clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard and that dryer ducts are supposed to be cleaned out at least once per year? The proper way to clean it is from the outside first, then cleaning inside after. Call today for same-day service!


DNA is licensed, bonded, insured, and NADCA certified and we include a 1-year warranty with all of our work for the ultimate peace of mind!

Don't let your dryer become a fire hazard or increase your energy bill

One of the leading causes of home fires are clogged dryer ducts & vents. Lint builds up over time, eventually becoming a potential fire hazard and drastically reducing your dryer's electric efficiency.

If you notice your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry your laundry or that your laundry is not drying properly after a full cycle, it is time to have your ducts & vents checked for clogs.

If the dryer is not getting hot, it is most likely caused by the vent/duct being clogged, preventing the heat from exhausting. Many newer dryers from popular brands have sensors to prevent the heating element from overheating and damaging the unit or your laundry.


The dryer lint trap is designed to catch most of the lint that comes loose during the drying process, but a small amount gets through every time and is what causes the buildup that eventually leads to a clog. If the dryer is not heating up or not drying clothes, it is most likely cause by a clogged vent.


Importantly, we clean the dryer exhaust vent from both ends, ensuring that the clog is fully removed and that no mess is made inside of your home. A dryer requires regular vent cleaning (recommended once per year) to keep it running properly without any issues.

On top of cleaning the dryer vent, we can check for potential issues. The most major concern is that sometimes a mesh screen is installed on the exhaust at either the side of the house or on the roof. This is never recommended, as lint is large enough to be easily caught in this mesh and it leads to a clog much sooner. If we see this, we will notify you and remove the screen upon your approval.


Our dryer cleaning service is backed by trainer professionals and backed by our license and insurance. We will ensure that your dry cycle and drying times are both back to normal, on top of preventing any potential fire hazards.


Dryer vent lint buildups are a leading cause of house fires, and are easily preventable with yearly maintenance. Having your dryer ducts cleaned regularly prevents the following issues: increased energy costs, faster wear and tear on the machine, possible fire hazards, wrinkled/shrunk clothes, and much longer dry times.


Regardless of whether you have an electric dryer or a gas dryer, we can help you prevent these issues from occurring. Our deep cleaning methods using a specialized HEPA vacuum and rotating soft bristle brushes ensures that your clog is removed and your dryer is working properly!


Don't fall into the trap of replacing your dryer because you think it's faulty, more often than not it simply needs to have the exhaust vent cleaned out.


We service Kenmore, Maytag, Samsung, GE, LG, Whirlpool and more! Florida's premiere vent cleaners are here to help! Call us today at (941) 256-9017


Dryer not getting hot? Dryer not drying clothes? No problem, call the experts! Our dryer duct cleaning is backed by our excellent customer service. Don't believe us? Check out our reviews!

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