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Air Duct Deep Cleaning


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If your ducts haven't been cleaned regularly, it may be time for a deep cleaning. 

When air ducts haven't been cleaned or maintained for a while, they start to build up more than just dust. 

This bacterial buildup can cause allergies and other irritations, so removing them is a top priority. 

For our deep cleaning process, we take a powered duct brush to scrub the inside of your air ducts, sending pollutants into a HEPA filtered vacuum that seals to your vents.


During our free inspection and estimate, we can determine if standard or deep cleaning is best for you, along with providing before and after photos of the job! 

Air duct cleaning is an often overlooked step to keeping your home clean and the indoor air quality high. Dust and debris collects within the HVAC system, but our brush and air cleaning methods combined with the HEPA vacuum collection of the allergy-causing pollutants prevents potential issues.


This deodorization process also removes odors trapped in your air conditioning system caused by pets, mold spores*, cigarette smoke, and even cooking. By tailoring our cleaning and sanitation to your specific home and situation, we are able to effectively clean and remove these odors.


Everyone can breathe easier after having your heating and cooling system properly cleaned by our trained professionals! Our certified air duct cleaning equipment is designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning both residential and commercial properties.


Most AC ducts in Florida are flexible and insulated with fiberglass. Our soft brushes are designed to handle these with care, preventing any potential for damaging or tearing these vents and introducing fiberglass into the air. This is one of many reasons to not trust duct cleaning companies that aren't certified!


On top of duct cleaning, we also make sure that all of the vents are cleaned. Since the vents are humid due to the cool air mixing with the warm air in the home, it can attract a lot of bacteria and spores. This can typically be seen as black spots or growth on the vents.


As part of our FREE in-home estimate process, we take photos inside of your ducts to see the situation in depth. This gives you a better idea of your air quality, and lets us tailor our recommendations and solutions directly to your situation.

We can often provide same-day service as well, removing the typical waiting period that you would experience from other companies. We know how important your health is, and we value it. Give us a call at (941) 256-9017 today and set up a free estimate!


For homes that haven't had their AC ducts cleaned in multiple years (or ever) we typically recommend a deep cleaning. This process uses a rotating soft bristle brush to scrub the ducts clean. Paired with sanitation, this can be extremely effective at cleaning the system.


For homes that have been cleaned recently, we offer a $199 maintenance package. This includes compressed air and HEPA vacuum cleaning to remove all loose debris before it builds up and requires more in depth cleaning. We also wipe down all vents after cleaning.


Adding our sanitization process to the mix is a great way to kill germs and bacteria in your system, and can even be effective against the Coronavirus, COVID 19! On top of this, our techs value your health and are happy to wear a safety mask.


People with respiratory issues, asthma, weakened immune systems, mold* allergies, children, and elderly persons in particular are at risk for health issues from a dirty AC system. On top of wearing safety masks, we also respect your home and won't leave a mess after the job.


All of our cleaning products are safe to use and certified for use in home air circulation. As part of our commitment to our customers, we've double checked every base to make sure that the service is top notch and completely safe.


*Regarding mold, testing is mandatory to determine that growth is actually mold spores.


Remember that a license is REQUIRED by Florida law to work on AC systems and clean air ducts. We proudly display our license at the bottom of all of our pages, as well as making all of our company info publicly available so that you can feel safe working with us.

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