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How often Does Ductwork Need to Be Cleaned in FL? Dusty House After Cleaning & More

Your HVAC systems play an essential role when it comes to indoor air quality in your home. In particular, air ducts permit air to flow through them, out of the vents, and into your home’s rooms. As a result, the quality of air that moves through the house is directly impacted whether or not they are clean. Though many homeowners are aware their ducts need to be cleaned, few know when the circumstances call for it. With this in mind, we at DNA Air Duct would like to share a few signs that your air ducts need to be cleaned.

Why is My House So Dusty Even After Cleaning?

To keep the home clean, you must dust on a routine basis. You will start to see visible dust covering baseboards, furniture, and stair railings if you neglect the dusting tasks. However, you may have dirty air ducts if you dust consistently and still battle constant dust problems. Some of the dust makes its way through the ducts and back out the vents into the home once the air ducts get filled with dust and debris. You may need to schedule an air duct cleaning if you experience this issue.

Uneven Airflow in Your House

A sure sign that you must clean air ducts is inconsistent or weak airflow through the home’s vents. It would be best if you experienced the same level of airflow no matter what room you enter in the house. A professional technician should look at the system and let you know whether cleaning is in order if not.

No Air Duct Records from Previous Homeowners

With people constantly on the move the housing market is still booming. Especially if the house is older or the previous owner smoked, ask the previous owner for records if you recently purchased a home. Check to see what work was completed when. You may want to schedule an air duct cleaning if the records indicate the air ducts haven’t been cleaned, or if they don’t have any documents.

Air Filters Need to Be Changed Constantly

Filters need to be replaced regularly. A clogged air filter doesn’t necessarily mean you have dirty air ducts or air vents. However, you could have filthy air ducts if you replace the filter more often than you should and can’t figure out why they fill up so quickly.

Should I Clean My Air Ducts After Home Renovations?

Drywalling or sanding involved in any home repair or renovation generally leaves dust behind. Bigger projects can result in more dust! To ensure clean ducts and vents, invest in air duct cleaning after a large home improvement project as it never hurts and not necessarily required. But keep in that a recent renovation combined with years of air duct neglect means you may want to consider it. Also, you notice any of the other signs we’ve covered, this is especially true.

We Clean Ductwork in Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater, Miami, Bradenton, Venice, Myakka City, North Port, Englewood, Arcadia, and Lakewood Ranch!

When you need your air ducts cleaned, give DNA Air Duct a call and let our experts take care of you!

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