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Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning for Dirty Air Ducts After a Home Fire in Florida?

There are more than 70 times the amount of pollutants inside a home’s air than there is outside. The air quality can even be much worse when there has been a fire inside the home. Smoke from cigarettes or tobacco, from candles, or a recent fire can greatly impact the indoor air quality. When there has been a recent fire within your home, it is recommended you take steps to improve your indoor air quality. Smoke pollutants can lead to a number of illnesses and allergies within the home. To better understand why you will want to have your air ducts cleaned after a recent indoor fire, DNA Air Duct would like to explain.

Do Air Ducts Need Cleaning After a Fire?

If a single cigarette can release countless pollutants and chemicals, imagine what a small or large house fire can do. The smell of smoke is very difficult to get rid of, especially in hard to reach places like the air ducts. The tiny burnt particles can get trapped inside the air ducts and forever provide the scent of smoke. If the odors are not bad enough, breathing in the burnt particles can lead to respiratory problems and allergies. The burnt particles often rise upward and enter the air duct system. Each time the HVAC system runs a cycle, the burnt particles are released into the air and breathed in. Depending on what was burnt within the home, the burnt particles could be hazardous. The burnt particles or ash in the air ducts will also impact your air filters and your HVAC system. The ash or soot particles can make their way into the air conditioner unit and clog up the coils. For the health of the HVAC system, and the health of the household, it is important to have the air ducts cleaned after a fire.

How Air Ducts Are Cleaned

After a fire (even a small fire) a ton of ash, soot and other burnt particles will become trapped within the air duct system. The burnt particles will cause a number of problems for the indoor air quality and for the health of the HVAC system. For these reasons you will want to have the air ducts cleaned and the burnt particles removed. When an air duct cleaning service comes out, you will want a deep air duct cleaning. You will want the entire ductwork cleaned. DNA Air Duct uses a special powered snake brush. A powered snake brush works like a powerful vacuum cleaner that is sent through the air duct system sucking out the dust and other particles. While the vacuuming is running, the front of the hose has a rotating brush that cleans all of the sides of the air ducts. The brush helps to remove the dust and other particles so they can be sucked out. This will remove the dust, ash, soot and other burnt particles in your air ducts.

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If you have had a recent fire or smoke inside your home and you need your air ducts cleaned, give DNA Air Duct a call today!

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